Conserving Water Tips

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Conserving Water Tips

A shortage of water within the U.S. is not just an environmental problem.

Our current daily demand for water also affects its future availability. Wasteful flush toilets, non-insulated pipes and generous showerheads are all culprits of a water shortage. Saving water is the key not only to doing the right thing for the planet but also to keeping your water bills at a minimum. Here’s how to save water at home:
1. Catch it in a bucket
Does it take your shower 30 seconds to heat up? Have you thought about leaving a clean bucket in the bathroom to catch the cold shower water that is otherwise going straight down the drain? Your plants will appreciate this easy way to save water.
2. Change the shower head
The shower is where over 20% of your household’s water is going down the drain. But simply by switching to a water saving head can save 20,000 liters of water every year.
3. Use a timer
Did you know that your favorite song is almost certainly between 3 and 5 minutes long? Why not put it on when you have a shower – it’s plenty of time to wash thoroughly and great for conserving water while singing! It’s a great example of how to save water.
4. Check for leaks
Even after it’s finished flushing, do you still hear a trickle in the toilet? That leak is costing you water (and money) and it’s probably a very easy fix. Make sure you fix those leaky taps while you’re at it, too – you could even do it as a DIY job!
5. Install a rainwater tank
Thought about adding a rainwater tank to your place? It’s a great way to conserve water (and rainwater tastes delicious to drink, too). Ask your plumber about having it plumbed into the washing machine and toilet.
6. Turn off the tap!
Are you one of those people who clean their teeth with the tap running? Why!? It’s achieving nothing except wasting water and adding dollars to your bill.
7. Add a half-flush
Big water bill? Got an old toilet cistern? It could be the perfect opportunity to upgrade to a dual-flush toilet – using that half-flush can save an amazing 80 liters of water every single day.
8. Use energy efficient appliances
And while you’re upgrading that toilet, think about getting new, water-efficient dishwashers and washing machines, too. Look for stickers on them with lots of stars!
9. Design a water-wise garden
If you’re designing your garden from scratch, check out ways in which the layout and features will save you time, money and water without compromising your desired lifestyle.
10. Buy a pool cover
Believe it or not, you can lose the entire volume of your pool’s water over a year simply through evaporation. This amount is vastly reduced with a pool cover.
11. Use a broom
When it’s time to make those paved areas look spick and span at your place, do you still use a hose? Do the right thing and make the switch to a broom or leaf blower instead.
As our shortage of water continues and water bills keep climbing, do your part for your part for the planet by applying some or all of these ways to save water.
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