Halloween Plumbing Horror Stories

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Halloween Plumbing Horror Stories

Happy Halloween!

Ghost Toilet decides to Crack
Little pink toilets that you might of relied on for half a century decides it’s time to retire, the tank cracks spilling water down the side of the toilet and on to the floor and throughout the first floor.
Toilets last a long time, but if it’s been over fifty years since the last inspection, give yours a thorough check up.
Water shut off to house mysteriously is not turned off, or did you forget to?
If you’re going away for the winter, install a watchman light and have neighbors or friends swing by occasionally to make sure your home is dry and warm.
Sump Pump-kin Neglected
Activate your sump pump once a month by switching it on and making sure it will run when needed. Every 3-4 months, pour a bucket of water down it when it is on to make sure it is able to pump the water out of the basement in the case of a flood.
Horror-Movie Cold Shower Scene
This one might not seem that scary just reading it, but we’ve all experienced a wintry shower, and no matter what time of year it is, they aren’t pleasant. Taking a cold shower is almost as horrifying as those classic horror-movie shower scenes.
If you’re experiencing frequently cold showers, you might need to have your water heater looked at.
Fork Grinding Nightmare
We’ve probably all done this. Whether it’s a knife, fork, or spoon, it’s probably fallen in there and we’ve started the garbage disposal without knowing. This can ruin both the utensil you dropped in there, as well as the disposal. You’ve got to always be vigilant about this horror story!
Haunted Water Pipes
Are your water pipes knocking and wiggling on their own? Are there moans and groans coming from your plumbing system? WE AIN’T AFRAID OF NO GHOSTS! Just kidding! It isn’t supernatural. It’s more than likely loose pipes or high water pressure. Just give us a call today to take a look for you.
Bobbing for (Rotten) Apples
Apples are a traditional image for all things autumn…apple pie, strolls through orchards, and the fun game of bobbing for apples at fall festivals. However, once your guests take a bite out of their apple prize, be sure to leave a trash bin for them to toss the core into. You can also add them to a compost heap, if you’re so inclined (though we know those smell like zombie armpits). Apple cores are notorious for jamming garbage disposals.
The Tale of the Zombie Pumpkin
Carving jack-o-lantern’s is one of the best things about Halloween. Spooky carved pumpkins light up the night and glow brightly to light the way for treat-or-treaters. Just be cautious not to throw the “guts” into your garbage disposal, otherwise the pumpkin will come alive and haunt your kitchen drains.
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