$94 Main Line Cleaning

First, let’s get a this out of the way……. We’ll clean any residential main line for $94.00. In fact, we’ll clean any drain for the same low price. Nevertheless, from bathtubs to main drains it’s all the same to us. See our FAQ below.
Q.   How much do other companies charge and why won’t they give me a price over the phone?
A.   Anywhere from $300-$400. They won’t give you a price over the phone because they know you’ll hang up. I would.
Q.   You only charge $94.00? What’s the catch? How can you do it for so much less?
A.   No catch. We’re the #1 referred drain company in the Minneapolis – Saint Paul market. Check out our reviews. We typically take five times as many calls as most drain companies.
Q.   My sewer line continues to “backup”. Why?
A.   Roots is the number one cause for sewer line backups. However, there are several other conditions that can cause sewer lines to clog such as disconnected or offset pipe, broken pipe, build up inside the pipe, bellied pipe (sag) and combinations of all of the above.
Q.   Ok I just had my sewer line cleaned out, now what do you recommend?
A.   Immediately, we will Video inspect the line. Figure out why it backed up. You don’t want to be surprised with a broken pipe in the middle of winter, trust me. There’s always a “last time” when it comes to sewer cleaning. “They were able to clear it last time”.
Q.   When dealing with other drain companies, what should I look out for?
A.   How well equipped are they? Can they offer more than just cleaning drains? Do they have all of the necessary equipment to take care of you? In other words, are they a one stop shop? If you have a broken sewer line, do they walk away? As a result, you’re left with a clogged sewer line and you have to scramble to find a contractor to repair your main line. Meanwhile, it’s Friday.
How old is your house?
To begin with, if your house was built before 1980, chances are your sewer line is the original terracotta clay pipe. Why does this matter? Because clay sewer lines aren’t “sealed”. Consequently, there’s nothing preventing the roots from continuing to grow in. The longer the roots continue to grow in, the more damage they do, therefore, the more they effect the longevity of the pipe.
For one thing, depending upon which city you live in, your sewer line could be made of concrete, cast iron or even something as poor as a tar paper pipe called Orangeberg. Seriously.
Regardless, the next time your main line backs up, call Discount Rooter. We are the most affordable, best equipped and staffed company specializing in main drain cleaning, floor drain cleanout and diagnostics.
Additionally, we will present you with tips and advice to ward off future issues.
We Come Equipped!
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Us vs. Them Prices​
Stop getting ripped off! Check out our “Us Vs Them” page. See how we’re 1/2 their price. Learn why they need to charge so much. It’s enlightening.

Sewer Camera Inspection

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For a plumber near me or plumbers minneapolis we can handle all your sewer and drain cleaning services in the Minneapolis area. Discount Rooter® Minneapolis also offers a dedicated team of qualified professional plumbers ready to help with your faucets, toilets, garbage disposal, water heater and tub/shower valve issues. All things considered, our main drain cleaning floor drain cleanout specials can’t be beat by any other plumber, routers or rooter companies. Equally important, we provide rapid response for your drain unclogged, clogged toilet, clogged main line, sewer repair or even sump pump repair. Definitely, contact us today for $94 Drain Cleaners and Emergency Plumber services in the Minneapolis area.

Main Drain Cleaning

Discount Rooter experts will diagnose and unclog your main line or main sewer drains quickly, conveniently and effectively—24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our customers receive free onsite estimates, along with knowledgeable and friendly residential drain services at affordable rates.