Summertime Plumbing Tips

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Summertime Plumbing Tips

Outdoor Summer Plumbing Tips

With summertime lawn care and gardening, household water usage is especially high during the summer months. Common plumbing problems involve sprinklers, hose bibs, and tree roots. Help prevent such problems by following these outdoor summer plumbing tips:
• Regularly clean and maintain yard sprinklers, fountains, and swimming pools
• Inspect hose spigots and repair leaky hose bibs
• Keep your gutters clean and clear of debris—scooping out the gutters just once a year may not be enough, especially if there are a lot of trees around your house
• Be careful not to plant trees near underground lateral sewage lines. Tree roots can cause cracks and blockages in the pipes and may lead to leaks or water backup
Indoor Summer Plumbing Tips
In the summertime, homeowners may encounter problems with moisture, leaks, and clogs. Help prevent common indoor plumbing issues by following these tips:
• Examine your basement for water seepage during and after heavy rains, and take the proper measures to waterproof your basement
• Assess basement floor drains and sewer lines for blockages that may cause water backup
• Check for and fix household leaks
• Install a whole house water leak detection system to prevent future leaks and water damage
• Avoid putting banana peels, corn husks, fats, and cooking oils down the garbage disposal (or upgrade to a heavy-duty garbage disposal) to prevent clogs
• Help conserve water by following these tips for household water conservation from the Alliance for Water Efficiency
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